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We have so many testimonials. The following testimonials are from users who publicly review us in app stores. We love working with our customers, we love building an amazing product that reduces their stress level and helps them to sleep better at night.











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"Indispensable Tool!"

"Bnbtally has become an indispensable tool in my workflow. I have many properties listed on Airbnb and I manage multiple Airbnb accounts simultaneously. I've been using Bnbtally for over a year now and the software is incredibly reliable. I plugged in all of my Airbnb accounts, easily set up my listings, and have saved countless hours in reconciliation since. Data syncs seamlessly, everything matches cleanly but above all, accurately. Overall, I couldn't recommend this software enough! If you have multiple Airbnbs or plan to grow your business, do yourself a favor and get this tool!"

- Paul Chen

"Extremely Reliable"

"My accounting firm, TM² Accounting Solutions, and I have been working with Bnbtally for about a year now. We have a client that has accumulated well over 100 Airbnb listings which have all been integrated with QuickBooks using Bnbtally. It's a brilliant, well thought-through software. It handles complex accounting rules and is extremely reliable. Bnbtally offers dashboards that allow us to keep clean books and see everything that takes place between Airbnb and QuickBooks. Whenever needed we can easily diagnose any single reservation synced and can rollback or redo anything imported. Highly recommend."

- Tiffany Miller

"Total Life Saver!"

"If you have any listings on Airbnb, you need this app! It is worth every penny! Seriously, we tried so hard to find a good integration for Airbnb - nothing came close to this. Bnbtally is a game-changer and I can honestly say I sleep better at night because of it. We manage other homeowner's money, including their Rents in Trust accounts and it is exponentially important for us to allocate every dime precisely in detail. This software works perfectly, it has a simple design that makes it easy to use and easy to learn. When I decided to get my books back on track, Bnbtally came to the rescue! "

- Kami Myles

"Attention to Details"

"I'm relieved to find a QuickBooks integration that works perfectly for Airbnb. The developers of Bnbtally pay close attention to details and have put together an amazing product. I'm impressed that it handles multiple business models in the vacation rental space, there's no other product that comes close. I'm an Accountant with a firm based in Canada where multiple tax codes are involved and reporting needs to be precise. Bnbtally saves me a ton of time in reconciliation. Very reliable. Great customer support. I highly recommend this product."

- Ruslan Cebotari

"Save time and money!"

Save time and money by using Bnbtally to automate all of revenue and expenses for your short term rental. It saves our booker hours and hours a month as it automates everything thus in turn saves us owners money. Highly recommend.

- Comeback Real Estate

"What a Time Saver - Amazing Product"

This product is amazing. Reconciling bank account is so easy - I don't have to worry about recording all my sales and Airbnb fees, all is done for you. Everything Product/ Service is categorized accordingly and recorded in proper chart of account account. If you don't have time to spend on imputing your sales to QB this product will save you so much time and headache. The only thing I would add to the Bnbtally team - please do it for Turo sales as well - you would make my life completely perfect. I highly recommend this product to hosts that use Quickbooks.

- Ania Noll

"Amazing Product - Simplified my accounting"

I have been using Bnbtally for about a year now, setup was easy I only have a few Airbnbs so it didn't take me much time. I was a new Quickbooks Online user when setting it up I used the presets and just added a few custom bill creations for my Manager and Cleaners to get paid. This has saved me hours of billing my bookkeeper was charging me for. You literally set it and forget it, it just works and they are always making improvements and adding other platforms as well.

- Don S

"Great integration"

We own and manage a total of 10 properties and Bnbtally has been an integral part of cleaning up our books and providing monthly reports to our management clients.

- CDL Resort Rentals

"100% accuracy for STR accounting"

STR accounting is nothing less than a hot mess. With grouped payments and debits and credits for various activities that are almost impossible to reconcile. Bnbtally does a fantastic job capturing all revenues for all reservations and has never allowed anything to fall through the cracks. My buddy said it best by saying he shed a "man tear" when he saw how Bnbtally solved his ongoing accounting headaches.

- Wes Jensen

"Exactly What I was looking for"

Bnbtally has made accounting for short term stays easy. Excellent onboarding sessions and support! I have already recommended this product to an Airbnb owner.

- Sequim

"The real deal"

It is rare to find a team of people who actually use their own software. Jason and his team does. That means this thing works, and they've thought of features that others would not have, focused on what matters, and left out the things that don't. Extremely easy to get set up, and works down to the penny. Took me an hour and half to set up, customize, and test. I'm hoping they add discounts mapping soon! Massive time saver and automation at it's finest. Well worth the cost, especially if you have more than one property.

- Justin

"Automate Airbnb and Xero"

This app definitely needs to be in your tech stack if you are managing Airbnb properties. This is hands down the best solution to reconcile your reservations in Xero. It’s such a quick set up and a major time saver. Once you set up the listing rules for the accommodation fares, cleaning fees and resolutions, sync with Xero and your done!!

- Tony Tropeano, CPA

"Now I don't worry about Airbnb reconciliation"

Super useful app, easily pays for itself in reduced bookkeeping fees and error-less entries. One less thing I have to worry about as we add properties to our STR business. And Jason is top-notch in responsiveness and customer service.

- GrandRoad

"Bnbtally Makes Accounting for STRs Easy!"

Bnbtally has made accounting for our short-term rentals so fast and easy! It integrates very well and we don't have to really think about the integration and records being recorded. SO HAPPY that have also added a VRBO integration in addition to the Airbnb integration.

- Dave

"Fantastic product and customer service"

Bnbtally is a must-have for airbnb and vrbo property managers. It is easy to set up, reliable and saves us an immeasurable amount of time each month. At our current scale, we could not run our business without it. It automatically pulls each airbnb booking into quickbooks broken down by room rates, cleaning fees and additional fees. It also tracks refunds or reservation adjustments and allows us to automatically calculate our management fee on each booking. Jason is super helpful and responds right away any time I have needed assistance. I can not say enough good things about Bnbtally. If you are an Airbnb owner or property manager, just get this app.

- Upfish Management

"Must Have for Any Airbnb Owner"

If I wasn't able to use Bnbtally, I probably wouldn't be using Quickbooks at all. It gives me seamless integration between Airbnb in QB, and was a breeze to set up. Any feature you could want out of this app, it's there. Where Bnbtally is especially helpful is for the properties I manage for other owners. With each booking it's able to automatically create a bill for my clients, then in Quickbooks giving them monthly payouts based on these bills is a snap. Jason, who runs the software, is very accessible and great at helping when we've run into minor confusion. Using Quickbooks as a small business owner for the first time has been a steep learning curve, and Bnbtally has been a massive help in that regard. Overall a fantastic, easy to use, and absolutely necessary software for anyone wanting to grow their Airbnb business.

- Jack

"Game Changer!!!"

Bnbtally has been a game changer!! Gone are the hours spent fighting with Airbnb reports and manually preparing owner invoices for guest stays. Instead Bnbtally has allowed me to automate the process, saving hours and hours AND HOURS of work. And the service has been amazing right from the start and has continued over the months of using Bnbtally. I thoroughly recommend and am so grateful for the support provided by Bnbtally 😍

- Jennifer Brown

"I could not live without this app"

This app saves soooo much time! I cannot even begin to imagine how horrible it would be to keep track of all of my reservations without Bnbtally. The other best thing about this app is the incredible customer service provided by Jason. He made it so incredibly easy to set up the program and whenever I have questions he is always available by email or video chat and almost always responds within a few hours. If you have an Airbnb you need this!

- Mea F

"Life Changer"

As a manger of 50+ homes, this system has changed my life. Reports in quickbooks are now so easy to pull and pay our home owners what they're owed every month. We can split out each booking into our various fees we charge for, and track our earnings so much easier. This app changed our entire business model.

- Conmigo

"Worth every penny"

This application is saving me at least 40 hours of work per month. I have never encountered a single bug. It even lets you rollback entire sets of data if you change your mind about how to categorize things.

- Portia

"Extremely reliable and flexible!"

I manage multiple listings under very different business models and Bnbtally handles them all beautifully. Extremely reliable and flexible! First, I manage my own listings on Airbnb where all income is my own. Second, I provide co-hosting services to owners who collect all income (I bill them and send them a statement each month). And third, I provide traditional Property Management services where I collect all of the income and pay rents in trust to owners. These are all very different business models and it's nice to have a single integration that processes everything from Airbnb perfectly. Exactly as advertised! The software frees up a lot of time and it's great to have an integration I can trust. It's also easy to connect my client accounts. Great customer service. Love this app!!

- Jenn

"Outperforms even my hopes"

Bnbtally is phenomenal how well designed it is, the capability to customize each exact thing on every level is amazing. Shockingly, also the best customer support I've experienced online ever for anything. Absolutely worth the price, I finally trust the number crunching coming out of Airbnb! The filtering, sorting, and automated invoicing and billing by Bnbtally brought directly into Quickbooks is fantastic streamlining. Even though we only have one rental, which makes 90% of its annual income in the summer, we will definitely keep Bnbtally year round. Very happy!

- Nyevana

"Great Integration, Interface, and Support"

The main thing we as small business owners want is simplicity. For tasks to be executed in timely manner with desired results. Bnbtally does a great job of providing financial transparency into Airbnb income and ensuring easy accounting of that income. The software has worked great on daily imports of data and some aged sales data (for an additional price). We've had two minor support issues that have been addressed very rapidly, and with courteous service. Great software for the price, we'd recommend this to any business with significant income from Airbnb.

- Erick

"A Must Have If You Run An Airbnb Business"

Our short term rental business currently manages 27 properties and Bnbtally has been a total life saver for us! I used to manually do all of our Airbnb bookkeeping and it got to the point it was becoming a full time job and we simply couldn't keep up. This software saves us countless hours every single month and the customer service from Jason and his team is second to none! The other day we had a question we needed some assistance with and after I messaged them on their customer chat, I got a phone call from Jason in under 5 minutes and had the problem sorted right away. Jason took the time to thank me for their business and you can tell by talking with him they genuinely care about their customers. If you're managing properties on Airbnb and you don't have Bnbtally you are simply working way too hard and you simply don't have to. Their software was a god send for our business and we recommend them to all of our coaching clients. Couldn't speak more highly of Bnbtally and what they offer!

- Michael Stead

"The best administrative tool for Airbnb Hosts"

This is the best accounting tool for short term rental hosts. Hands down! You will wonder how you sifted through the chaos of your listings prior to Bnbtally. Highly recommend this to anyone

- M11 Rentals

"Thorough application"

This is one of the more thorough accounting integrations for Short Term rentals and the only one I have found for VRBO. It is pricey but if you want detailed accounting for your investments this is the way to go. It is also well thought out if you have to re-sync or have to go back in time.

- M Sweetmore

"Amazing product and service!"

My experience so far has been nothing short of phenomenal. Jason at Bnbtally has helped me with understanding and setting up my accounts with ease. I HIGHLY recommend Bnbtally!!!

- David

"10/10 recommend!!!"

Outstanding product that gave given me countless hours back!

- Dani Widell

"Excellent product and customer service"

In a web meeting, Jason guided me through the set up for my Airbnb and VRBO accounts for my 3 vacation rental listings. The integration of Bnbtally and QB is seamless and has saved me a lot of time. In the past 2 years I have had no issues with the app. Bnbtally has a ton of helpful documentation on the website and if I can't find the answer, I always get a prompt response when I reach out to customer service. The program is very user friendly.

- Nadia

"Just set up, sit back and relax!"

Absolutely stunning! For those that do not have the time to dedicate 100% of your time to manually creating invoices, and are certain you will not do a single mistake. Worth every single penny!

- Ale Rodriguez

"Incredible Time Saver"

I cannot recommend Bnbtally enough. I operate two 90%+ occupied Airbnbs and had to play MAJOR catch up to get my books in order -- basically going back two years. (!!) Bnbtally saved me SO MUCH TIME and with precision accuracy. They took the time to walk me through the set up, step by step -- and my income continues to populate in QB like clockwork, with no effort on my part. My CPA was seriously impressed. LOVE THIS APP!

- Dana

"Absoulutly Amazing!"

Bnbtally is absolutely amazing! Saves me and my business partner so much time and effort. The support they give you is outstanding and beyond what you would expect!!! As well as it is really easy to use and navigate through. 100% recommend.

- Sebastian

"Simple and easy tool for reporting Airbnb revenue"

Simple and easy to use. Perfect set it and forget it tool for integrating your Airbnb revenue data to Quickbooks.

- Joy S

"This took my stress level down about 10 notches"

It takes a little bit of concentrated effort to set it up, but then it’s largely a hands-off system that requires monitoring at worst. All in all totally worth the money.

- Homeowner

"Great customer support!!!"

I'm using the Free Trial right now for a client who both owns and manages multiple Airbnb properties. So far I love it and the customer service CAN'T BE BEAT!! The integration with QBO is easy and intuitive, and the ROLLBACK feature is fantastic and should be required on all apps. Very excited!

- Sarah CPA

"Amazing Customer Service"

This is an amazing application and the customer service goes above and beyond to answer the questions I had for them. Would recommend!

- Nick

"Premium Integration for Accounting Firms"

We're an accounting firm with many clients. We have a client that manages over forty listings on Airbnb under multiple business models with complex books. So far we've imported well over 700+ reservations using Bnbtally, with every line item split and allocation matching precisely to each ledger. We're able to accurately track all rents in trust and commission income from every listing and every owner with perfect reporting. This application is ironclad, reliable and versatile. One day we needed to update our rules and apply all changes retroactively to everything we already synced over multiple months. With Bnbtally this was not a problem. Hundreds of reservations were rolled back from our books and recreated with our newly updated rules - all within minutes. Customer support is superb. This is a premium integration that is well designed and meticulously built.

- Mendy M


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