Airbnb Chart of Accounts Templates for QuickBooks

Why should you read this guide?

Learn the most common business models in the Airbnb industry and find which accounting method & template is right for you. 

Discover Bnbtally's free QuickBooks setup utility, which can import all of the Chart of Accounts discussed in this article.

Airbnb Business Models & Templates

Airbnb Investment Model

Airbnb Arbitrage Model

Properties are purchased and offered on Airbnb for the purpose of building equity.

Properties are rented on a master lease and subleased to guests on Airbnb.

Airbnb Co-Host Model

Airbnb Property Management

The operator manages properties on behalf of owners without managing owner's funds.

A property management arrangement, managing funds through the operator's bank accounts.

Airbnb Trust Accounting

Airbnb Costs

A formal property management arrangement, managing funds through a trust account.

A set of QuickBooks templates dedicated to Airbnb costs and chart of accounts to consider.

Bnbtally's Free QuickBooks Setup Utility

All of the Chart of Accounts discussed in this article can be imported automatically using Bnbtally's setup utility for QuickBooks. Here's how to access this utility...

  1. If you haven't already, Get Access to Bnbtally. It includes free use of this setup utility. No subscription or payment method is required.
  2. Once registered, make sure to set up your connections so that Bnbtally can properly import the Chart of Accounts. You will need to connect at least one QuickBooks Online account and at least one Airbnb Account.
  3. Under the Connections tab, select any connection to edit. From there, you'll find a button labeled: SET UP QUICKBOOKS

Once selected, a window will pop up with a list of Chart of Accounts and Product/Service templates used commonly by accountants and property managers with Airbnb listings. From here you can select each account type individually for importing into your QuickBooks company directly.

Airbnb & QuickBooks Integration

Connect multiple Airbnb Accounts to QuickBooks Online for Automated Importing, Detailed Bookkeeping and Seamless Reconciliation.

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